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Welcome to the new ZINOBiz Blog. At ZINOBiz Services it our pleasure to meet and work with many companies in different sectors. There are a lot of stories to tell about companies being led by extraordinary people. We want to showcase one a month in 2014. We will begin the series with a very new company. Follow-on posts will showcase companies that are developing, and others that are mature. The management challenges and needs of companies change over time. We will highlight these differences in each profile.

It’s important to remember that the word ‘entrepreneur’ is French, and that it dates from the 13th century. I know that we like to think of that word as American, and that entrepreneurship is special. But back in the middle ages, the 1200’s, there was already enough start up activity occurring that that word was coined to describe what was happening.

We know you will enjoy meeting these companies and leaders..

DefSec Solutions LLC

We start with the news from November 22nd, 2013. This is hot off the press. Anna Truss is Co-founder of Defsec Solutions LLC of Mill Creek, WA. This is the news: Ms. Truss ranked #1 in the National Cyber League Western Division Ethical Hacking competition, and #6 nationally.
We’ve been working with Anna and her team since mid-summer. Defsec Solutions LLC is a classic start up, born in the corridors outside a classroom by a core team of a people with a wide age range. Its stage is what is called ‘pre-money;’ they are just now developing their offerings, responding to market opportunities, and building the infrastructure to expand.

What drives DefSec

Above all, this start up is driven by powerful youthful energy, a competence in what they do that is almost second nature, and a belief that they can provide companies, even small ones, with the cyber security that they need and want. I hope they are not reading this Blog Post, because they are also very humble in their approach, and I don’t want the team to become ‘spoiled.’


DefSec has recently completed two company engagements, and opened up the possibility of markets they could not have envisioned 90 days ago. Now they can create a reality based business plan. The real problem of writing one too soon is that there is no feel for the true costs involved in making a sale and delivering a service. Also, the rhythm of planning and delivering a service was not present, and is essential to writing a plan.

The Team

Anna is from Turkmenistan. She had little difficulty convincing an energetic team from Edmonds Community College to join her. We’ll profile the full team and its technical advisors and mentors later when we have more space and when they have divided up their roles and responsibilities. This will be an interesting story. Anna is also Secretary of the Washington State High Technology Crime Investigation Association.

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