Investments Opportunities and Funds to Join

ZINO Society facilitates connections between entrepreneurs seeking start-up and expansion funding and accredited investors who are interested in investing. The Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) has specific rules about who qualifies as an “accredited investor”. Please click HERE to see the current rules defining “Accredited Investors”.

Individual Investing (for Accredited Investors)

Notice: ZINO Society LLC is a facilitator bringing together investors, service providers and early stage companies offering generally high-risk investments. ZINO Society is not affiliated with the presenting companies or service providers and does not endorse, invest in, assist with investment or recommend any of the companies, providers (or the securities of such companies) that may seek funding through a ZINO Society investment meeting or forum. ZINO Society is not an investment advisor and does not manage investments or securities for the benefit of others. Investors must conduct their own due diligence in connection with any investment in companies, making a decision after consulting with their own financial, legal and tax advisors.

Any accredited investor may connect directly with the featured ZINOpreneur Members and make their own individual, investment decisions. Entrepreneurs set their own investment unit sizes, conditions, and terms of investment which are negotiable with individual investors.

ZINO Annual Angel Investment Fund (for Accredited Investors)

Notice: the following information is summary in nature. Information concerning the fund is available on request to qualified investors, including the fund’s operating agreement and information package. Reference should be made to those materials for details concerning the fund, and no investor will be permitted to participate as a member except after reviewing those materials. This communication does not constitute the offer or sale of any security in any jurisdiction where such offer sale is illegal or requires registration. Such offers and sales may occur only through the communications referenced above and then only to qualified investors who are accredited.

What is it?

ZINO Society facilitates an organized Annual Angel Investment Fund through a separate LLC each year which brings together angel investors, who combine their funds and make joint decisions throughout the year on 5 separate fund investments ranging from $25,000-$100,000 per company at the discretion of a majority of the fund investors. The fund generally invests around $300,000 per year in combined funds.

Every company that pitches throughout the year at any investment meeting or investment forum is eligible for fund investment consideration. There will be fund finalists announced four-five times per year generally following one of the targeted or signature investment forums. The companies eligible for that particular fund investment will include all pitches that occur in the interim after the prior announcement of fund finalists. Any December pitches will be included in the first fund investment consideration for the following year.

Depending on the number of entrepreneurs who have pitched during the interim, the ZINO Annual Angel Investment Fund investor members will select up to four fund finalist companies approximately each quarter that will be considered for potential due diligence and an investment from the Fund.

The Fund’s investment will be based on the results of due diligence on the selected company’s business, plans and finances; the terms offered to investors; and the Fund members’ overall assessment of the prospects for the investment. All investments will be contingent upon the execution of mutually acceptable subscription documents and related investor materials. All investments require approval by a majority of the holders of the Fund’s investor units.

Why is it a good idea?

Two primary advantages to investors participating in the Fund are (1) the combined funds attract stronger entrepreneur deal flow and (2) Fund award finalists and winners are selected through group due diligence. Group due diligence is time efficient for all investors and especially useful education for new angels and new Fund investors. Connecting with other smart people and sharing opinions is of great benefit to both “know-it-alls” and “newbies”. This Fund is managed similarly to an investment club, where there is an expectation that all Members have the opportunity and obligation to participate in the evaluation and due diligence process and each has the obligation to make his or her own decisions when voting.

In addition…

The combined Fund provides the Member investor the opportunity to diversify investments an spread investment risk among portfolio companies with small individual investment unit size.Payment schedule provides finite cash planning for each Member since Fund cash requirements are spread over one year.

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