Our Investors Make the World Go Round!

If you are an accredited investor and already a sophisticated and experienced angel investor or a new angel investor who wants to learn the ropes, there is a place for you at ZINO Society.  You can participate as an individual angel investor, choosing which of the 100 featured companies per year in which you wish to invest and/or you can participate in our combined ZINO Annual Angel Investment Fund where due diligence is shared and joint investment decisions are made by a majority vote of the participating fund investors.

1. Over $29 million invested in more than 90 companies

2. 80% of companies are still operating

3. Be part of the investment juggernaut that helped launch . . .

  • Theo Chocolate – Fine, fair-trade organic chocolate
  • PetHub – Protect, share nurture.
  • Healionics – Bio-healing materials
  • MICROGreen Polymers, Inc. – Transforming recycled water bottles
  • EnRoute Systems – Analytics-powered parcel shipping
  • J&D Foods– Everything should taste like bacon
  • And nearly 100 more startups


What does the new JOBS Act require of investors?

Effective September 24, 2013, reasonable proof of Accredited Investor status is required.  If you are a new investor through ZINO Society, please contact Cathi Hatch at c.hatch@zinosociety.com for the customized confidential questionnaire that must be kept on file for possible SEC review.

DISCLAIMER ZINO Society, LLC is a facilitator bringing together investors, service providers and early stage companies offering generally high-risk investments. ZINO Society is not affiliated with the presenting companies or service providers and does not endorse, invest in, assist with investment in or recommend any of the companies, providers (or the securities of such companies) that may seek funding through a ZINO Society investment meeting or forum. ZINO Society is not an investment adviser and does NOT manage investments or securities for the benefit of others. Investors must conduct their own due diligence in connection with any investment in companies. The decision to invest must be made after consultation with your own financial, legal and tax advisors.

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