This is all about ZINO Society

Our Mission

ZINO Society is a community of Angel Investors, Entrepreneurs and Connectors that propels businesses and investors to success through active angel investing, consulting and mentoring.

What We Do

Members of ZINO Society are active participants in the vibrant startup and emerging business community in the Pacific Northwest. Whether they are angel investors, entrepreneurs or business leaders, they are all enabling businesses to grow through their participation and connections.

How We Work

Attending a ZINO Society investment event is a front seat to the emerging business drama that is alive in the Pacific Northwest. Over the course of a year, ZINO Society showcases investment opportunities from nearly every business sector represented by the insatiable, successful serial entrepreneur as well as the newly minted MBA looking for his or her first business launch.

  • ZINO Society promotes innovation and entrepreneurship to connect people with ideas, resources and capital, facilitating interaction, education, attractive screened investment opportunities increasing the probability of success for entrepreneurs and investors.
  • ZINO Society operates with a supportive culture of civility and respect for all members and guests

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