ZINO Society Reviews

Leo Osahor

Leo Osahor


"ZINO Society is by far one of the most organized, communicative, and consistent angel groups I've had the pleasure of working with. The environment is entrepreneur-friendly, supportive, and my brief encounters with its members/investors have been incredibly positive. I'll continue to share my experiences with other entrepreneurs that I meet. You have a great organization and I look forward to contributing more as Flightspeak continues its journey."


Mhairi Voelsgen

BroVo Spirits

ZINO provided us with so many avenues to develop the business. There is a community of wine, beer and spirits makers surrounded by a community of supporters. ZINO members understand our category well- it is a unique group in the Pacific Northwest. We were privileged to receive funding from both ZINO members and the fund itself.

REDpoint was honored to be selected for investment by the ZINO Society. We found the members to be intelligent and passionate in their desire to support and help us realize our vision for simple effective solutions to the daily challenges of caregivers and their patients.


Jim Collins

Maninis Gluten Free

Maninis’ introduction to ZINO Society has been rich with experience. Coaching sessions in preparation for presenting, members input and responses and the sharing of ideas with other entrepreneurs and presenters are a few of the remarkable experiences.


Cybele Pascal

Cybele's Free to Eat

Participating in the Zino Zillionaire Investment Forum was a joy from start to finish. Kudos to your Society for the mentoring and team spirit you foster! No Shark Tank here, but rather, a Think Tank – a place to grow successful entrepreneurship and mindful investing. All the competitors in the Forum were an inspiration, as were the judges and moderators. Our coaches were supportive, enthusiastic, and truly dedicated to bringing out our best. Thank you, ZINO Society!


Marshall Jett

Veraci Pizza

The experience forced me to narrow the core values and vital elements of Veraci into a concise package---so that I could effectively communicate what Veraci stands for to everyone else. The people at the ZINO were very supportive and open. They wanted to hear what I had to say.

Pascal Stolz

Pascal Stolz


The process of fund raising is a multi-threaded journey not only involving capital but refining an go-to-market opportunity and aligning interests with like-minded people. ZINO Society offers one of the best ‘all-encompassing’ access to members willing to help along the journey. The entrepreneur coaching is first class and a glass of wine to boot who can pass on the opportunity to be among very fine people.

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